You don’t have to have an expensive on-premise server to have corporate grade Outlook functionality. (Email, Contacts, Calendar)

I’m a geek, so I try just about everything new under the sun.  I began using Exchange about 10 years ago and NOTHING since has done more for my sanity and productivity.  Everything I do related to email, contacts, calendar and tasks syncs across all my devices and I have access to all those things from any device or anywhere in the world.  Some people we speak with don’t exactly know everything Outlook is capable of when connected to an exchange server.  Others used it within a larger company at one time, but now they’re out on their own in a smaller business, and they think an expensive on-premise exchange server to have all that functionality.  For the last several years, several companies have been hosting exchange in the cloud and selling access on a per mailbox basis.  Microsoft itself is now in the game, with an offering as low as $4 per month per mailbox. If you’ve got Comcast Business Class internet service, you’ve got 8 free mailboxes!  Do it now!  You won’t regret it.