Virus Removal


More about the FBI Virus and others below:

Geek Brigade does virus removal FAST in our Greenwood, Indiana Computer Store

Our Indianapolis and Greenwood, IN based customers have been bringing more and more virus laden laptops to our computer repair service center recently.  The most common recent computer virus hilariously claims that the federal government has taken control of the device.  A “ransom” is sought, in exchange for avoidance of criminal prosecution.  Of course, DON’T PAY!  Not only won’t the virus be gone, now the crooks have your personal financial information!  Give us a call right away!

Common symptoms:

  • Your computer runs slower than normal
  • It stops or locks up often
  • It crashes or restarts every few minutes
  • Applications don’t work correctly
  • You can’t change your home page
  • New icons appear on your desktop
  • Your computer has a life of its own!

It could be a virus or trojan. No matter what kind of computer you have, always use up-to-date Anti-Virus software. Geek Brigade will remove these problems and bring life back to your computer. We can ALMOST ALWAYS do so without losing your email, data, and program settings. Don’t settle for anything less. Call us NOW at 317-497-5500.

We are located at:
107 N SR 135, Ste 202
Greenwood, IN 46142