Using a Hosted PBX VOIP Phone System to Improve Communication

Fortunately for small businesses, there is little need anymore to shell out large amounts of up-front cash to secure a phone system whose features will be outdated before it’s paid off.  Hosted phone systems powered by VOIP technology have truly come of age. These systems offer small business a full complement of “big company” features including:

Auto Attendant
Dial By Name Directory
Call Forwarding
Call Screening
Call Recording
Voicemails as Email Attachments
Answering Rules Based on Caller, Time of Day, Department, Etc…

One of the best features of RingCentral is the ability to customize how inbound calls are processed.  The options provided are very flexible.  You can choose to have an automated attendant answer calls and present a menu of options.  You can also choose to have calls ring a multiple telephones either in sequence our simultaneously.  You can have a different set of rules for evenings and weekends, and each employee can configure their own answering rules.  Geek Brigade has installed VOIP phone systems in several offices.  If you’d like help or more information, contact us.