Special Backup Topic For Home Users – Where is your backup stored?

I’ve got countless stories of success and failure when it comes to our customers file backups.  Some people truly get it right.  Some people, with the best intentions, have their plans fall apart.  For your benefit, let me tell you some “hypothetical” stories about fictitious customers who lost all or some of their files.  Use this information to devise your own plan.

1.) Andre Rison backs up every night to an attached external hard drive.  This way, if his hard drive fails, he’s protected.  Problem is, Left Eye burned his house down and now both drives are ruined.

2.) Jaz-Z installed Carbonite on his laptop to push all his files to Carbonite’s data center in real time.  That was 6 weeks ago.  His data still hasn’t finished uploading because there’s no internet on  Jay-Z’s private plane and he’s got tons of (music) files to backup.

3.) Tom Crean setup Windows’ built in automatic backup when he bought his new computer two years ago.  Since then he’s been preoccupied with tweeting, recruiting, winning basketball games and developing NBA talent.  He never noticed the first backup failed because of some file path error and he doesn’t have a single file backed up.

Geek Brigade prefers Disk to Disk to Cloud solutions that are monitored (by us, or by you, doesn’t matter).  We then recommend you “practice” a restoration quarterly to make sure you are not only BACKED UP, but that you can RESTORE.  After all, we don’t just want file “backup” we want files “restored”, right?  You can certainly accomplish this yourself, but we’re glad to answer questions for you along the way.  Feel free to reach out.