Researchers say 4.5 million infected PCs form 'indestructible' botnet

This is a fascinating, although frightening discovery. Researchers say the TDL-4 virus has infected over 4 million computers and worst of all, it’s often undetctable. What does this virus do?

TDL-4 infects the MBR, or master boot record, of the PC with a rootkit — malware that hides by subverting the operating system. The master boot record is the first sector — sector 0 — of the hard drive, where code is stored to bootstrap the operating system after the computer’s BIOS does its start-up checks.

Because TDL-4 installs its rootkit on the MBR, it is invisible to both the operating system and more, importantly, security software designed to sniff out malicious code.

The article goes on to reveal that the TDL-4 virus installs malicious programs at will. 30 malicious programs have been traced back to TDL-4. Infected computers form a 4 million strong “botnet” that can be rented to cyber criminals for nefarious purposes!  Can you imagine?!  Your infected computer being used as a pawn in an intricate chess game of cyber crime and cyber terrorism!  Although we’ve seen this virus SURVIVE a complete format and re-installation of the operating system, we have advanced tools for detection and removal of this virus.  If you think you could be infected, please bring your computer in as soon as possible.

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Researchers say 4.5 million infected PCs form ‘indestructible’ botnet