Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus Fail Certification Test

MSECheck your system tray at the bottom right corner of your computer.  If you see an icon like this one, you’re “protected” by Microsoft Security Essentials.  Problem is, Microsoft’s free antivirus offering has become increasingly ineffective.  Most recently, many antivirus ranking groups have de-certified the product.

Several years ago, many I.T. professionals installed Microsoft Security Essentials for 5 very good reasons:

1.) It’s free (for most users).

2.) It was effective

3.) It is easy on system resources

4.) It is “Quiet”.  It didn’t constantly bug you.

5.) It never expired.  This was a big one.  We were tired of seeing our friends, family and customers vulnerable to expired antivirus programs simply because they ignored the “nag” to renew.

Now, we’re seeing MSE on infected machines in our shop by the dozens.  If you’d like to buy antivirus from us, we’ll uninstall this junk for you while we’re installing our software.  Best of all, we can do it for you remotely.  Check it out here.