Is Your Data Safe? Local Backups Are Not Enough

If your computer were destroyed today, would you be able to access your important files? If you backed files up to external storage, would you still be able to access them in the case of a fire, flood, or theft? External backup may not be the only solution for your irreplaceable data.

It is widely accepted that backup is an important factor to protecting the files on your computers. However, many are not aware that there is another crucial element. This element is cloud storage. Cloud storage is an off site backup, which protects in the instance that there would be an issue with accessing your files.

Why is an external backup not enough? People often have the device that they backup to either with them, or at their residence where if something catastrophic happened to that data chances are it would affect both the original data and the backup as well.

Geek Brigade Managed Backup is the solution for you. Our backup software takes up very little space on your system, and it will automatically backup your files to the cloud. It is a simple, affordable, and reliable solution for your backup needs. Make sure your data is safe, and get Geek Brigade Managed Backup today.