Is Microsoft Security Essentials Enough – Apparently, Microsoft now thinks not

Microsoft has touted its Window’s Defender software and Security Essentials as all you need to protect your PC. Can you trust your computer to them? One of Microsoft’s Lead Project Managers recently admitted that their software is only a base level of protection, and suggested that a third party antivirus software should be used. Our “Managed Antivirus” software is your full service security solution that far exceeds all others.

One of the main short falls of other security software is protection on a person level. We at Geek Brigade review reports every morning of the previous night’s scans and updates to ensure the security of you PC.

If there is a threat, we receive immediate alerts, and can then assess the threat, and notify you of any required actions, or suggestions.

We have partnered with Vipre the leading computer security company to bring you timely, and most innovative virus definitions, and fixes. You can also check out our computer repair services at brisbane where we will fix your computers in no time.
To top it off our price is cheaper than most of our competitors.  Managed Antivirus is really the complete package antivirus solution. The trusted reliability of Vipre licensing, locally monitored threat detection and analysis by our technicians, and nightly updates all for a low one time charge is hard to come by. Contact us about Managed Antivirus today.