IMPORTANT – "Ransomware" virus can cause a loss of ALL your files

We’re seeing an increase of reports related to malicious software infecting a computer, then encrypting all pictures, music, movies and documents.  It’s very important to note that there is NO WAY TO DECRYPT the infected user’s files.  The cyber-criminal organization in charge of this virus demands money for the decryption key, but reports indicate that users attempting to pay the ransom were met with demands for more cash. The files that are not backed up are lost forever.

Please make a fair assessment now of your vulnerability:

1.)    Are you running antivirus software that is up to date?  Most AV software is sold on a year subscription.  After that year, you don’t receive new virus definition updates.

2.)    Are you using strong passwords?  Hackers sometimes use automated dictionary based attacks to try to guess your password.  If your password is in the dictionary, you’re very vulnerable.

3.)    Do you have a backup?  You could say yes to the first two questions but still be attacked.  Your backup is your final, definitive line of defense.

Talking to people who’ve lost years worth of irreplaceable pictures and other data sickens us.  We hope you take a few minutes to make sure you aren’t the next victim.  If you need help, contact us.