Godaddy Outtage Knocks out Millions of Sites for 6 Hours – How to Keep Your Site Up Next Time

When an outage at GoDaddy caused many websites to be unavailable for 6 hours on September 10th, small businesses across the U.S. felt the hurt.  What many don’t realize is that where your website is hosted had nothing to do with whether or not it was unavailable.  It was DNS that was down at GoDaddy, not hosting.  DNS is the routing system that says “” can be found at  If the DNS server for “” isn’t working, the website living at can’t be found. Maybe that’s a little too technical for you, but here’s the bottom line:  There’s no reason for you to be the victim of this type of outage ever again.  If a website and email service is important to your business, use a service like or as a secondary DNS server. Your domain registrar will allow you to specify a “secondary” nameserver to act as failover for protection against a DNS outage at your primary nameserver.  If you need help, contact us.