Backup Implementation

backupGeek Brigade’s Managed Online Backup Service is an automatic, secure, off-premise backup service.  Rest easy knowing Geek Brigade is regularly monitoring the success of your local and offsite backups.  Our system can be configured to notify any or all of your staff, or ours, when a particular backup fails.

It’s not enough to just backup your data, can you RESTORE your data in the event of hardware failure, fire, theft or flood?  Geek Brigade has deployed dozens of file restoration using this robust system.


Up to 50GB – $29.99 Per Month
Up to 100GB – $59.99 Per Month
Up to 150GB – $94.99 Per Month
Up to 200GB – $125.99 Per Month
Up to 250GB – $139.99 Per Month
Up to 300GB – $167.99 Per Month

Over 300GB, call us!

Call us today at 317-622-8602 to discuss your options further.