CryptoLocker virus is encrypting files and holding them for ransom

Viruses and malware are ever evolving every day. One of the nastiest to deal with is one called “CryptoLocker.” This villainous malware could cost you heavily. Have you taken the necessary precautions to combat against it?

When CryptoLocker infects your system it will hold all of your files for ransom, in some cases even files on a network drive, or external hard drive. (This means your attached backup drives!) The only way to break this encryption is to pay a hefty fee ransom. This ransom in some cases has been reported to be up to $300. Your options if your system becomes infected are to pay a criminal, trust they decrypt your files, and do not sell your credit card information, or live with the fact that your files are useless.

How can you prepare for such extortion? We would recommend two things. The first line of defense is always a great offense. In this case, the offense is our “Managed Antivirus” software. Managed Antivirus will catch malware before it can access or harm your system. The second recommendation is our “Managed Offsite Backup.” Our backup solution is a perfect plan B in the chance that anything happens to your system. Your files would be stored offsite and would not be accessible to any malicious attacks.

Think of all of this as insurance for the security of your computer system, and files. Is it worth the risk not to have protection? Malware and viruses come in many forms, and most people have no way of detecting them until it is too late. Our Managed Software can help prevent this from happening, and in the case that it has happened help you get back on track. Please contact us today for more information.