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ITIndianapolis-Web-Design-570x321We design beautiful websites built on robust content management systems that reduce your maintenance costs long term. We empower our clients to manage their sites without ongoing costs.

Managed Online Backup

Geek Brigade does Data Recover in our Greenwood, Indiana Computer Store

Laptop Screen Repair

Geek Brigade does Laptop Screen Repair in our Greenwood, Indiana Computer Store


We are proud to announce that we now stock enough laptop screens to offer same day replacement to 90% of our customers. It was no easy feat, but after offering laptop screen replacement in our Greenwood, Indiana computer store for 2 years, we’ve been able to secure a ready inventory of brand new replacement screens. Since most manufacturers charge twice as much as Geek Brigade and take 2-4 weeks to perform the repair, our previous customers have been thrilled that we’re able to replace most screens in 3 days. Offering same day turnaround on laptop screen replacement should make Geek Brigade Greenwood and Indianapolis’s first choice for laptop screen repair.

Most laptop screen problems boil down to a few issues:

  • Broken LCD Screen or Cracked LCD Screen – Maybe your laptop was dropped or damaged during shipping. Geek Brigade can easily rule out any motherboard or graphic chip damage before recommending a screen replacement.
  • Vertical or Horizontal Lines on Screen – The circuits in the display panel are failing and the screen needs to be replaced.
  • Dim LCD Screen or Dark LCD Screen – Can you still see faint images on the screen? When the back light doesn’t come on, it’s usually a failed back light or a failed inverter circuit. Geek Brigade will diagnose the cause and replace either the screen assembly or the inverter circuit.

Most of our customers are surprised to learn how quickly and inexpensively they can have a BRAND NEW screen! Call us now at 317-497-5500

We are located at:
107 N SR 135, Ste 202
Greenwood, IN 46142

Remote Support

remote computer support

Remote Computer Support Indianapolis Indiana

Offering Remote computer support for businesses , home, and SOHO’s allows us to get one of our certified technicians connected to your computer or server instantly without having to be onsite.  Common computer support such as viruses, spyware, malware removal, new network shares, new employee hires, backup checks, and training can easily be handled utilizing remote computer support.  Our team has certified technicians that are experts in diagnosis and repairing problems associated with malware, virus removal, and spyware removal.  The remote computer support software we use is 100% secure and encrypted.  You give us permission to connect, can end the session at any time and see everything we are doing on your screen.

Our most popular remote computer support services include:

Virus removal
Online backup implementation
Operating System Repair
Computer cleaning, tuneup and Optimization
Networking & File Sharing
Virus software & definition updates
Windows & Program Updates
Data migration

We use state of the art TeamViewer software which allows us one-time access to your computer with a code you provide. The process is simple you can click here, or click “Start Remote Session” at the very top of the page.  Click “Run” and say “Yes” to all the prompts.  After about 15 seconds you’ll see a box like the one below.  Once you give us that 9 digit code, we can get started!

Call 317-622-8602 to setup your remote computer support session now!  There’s no waiting, no driving to the store, and we’ll have your computer back to normal in no time at all.



Virus Removal


More about the FBI Virus and others below:

Geek Brigade does virus removal FAST in our Greenwood, Indiana Computer Store

Our Indianapolis and Greenwood, IN based customers have been bringing more and more virus laden laptops to our computer repair service center recently.  The most common recent computer virus hilariously claims that the federal government has taken control of the device.  A “ransom” is sought, in exchange for avoidance of criminal prosecution.  Of course, DON’T PAY!  Not only won’t the virus be gone, now the crooks have your personal financial information!  Give us a call right away!

Common symptoms:

  • Your computer runs slower than normal
  • It stops or locks up often
  • It crashes or restarts every few minutes
  • Applications don’t work correctly
  • You can’t change your home page
  • New icons appear on your desktop
  • Your computer has a life of its own!

It could be a virus or trojan. No matter what kind of computer you have, always use up-to-date Anti-Virus software. Geek Brigade will remove these problems and bring life back to your computer. We can ALMOST ALWAYS do so without losing your email, data, and program settings. Don’t settle for anything less. Call us NOW at 317-497-5500.

We are located at:
107 N SR 135, Ste 202
Greenwood, IN 46142

Wired & Wireless Networking

Geek Brigade does Wired & Wireless Networking in your home or business.  Call our Greenwood, Indiana Computer Store

networkHave network connectivity issues? Geek Brigade technicians can help you restore your internet access, your access to network  files and printers, as well as provide an analysis of your network security.  Don’t have a network?  Let Geek Brigade set it up. Wireless networks are great for users that don’t like to be tied down.  Many small devices and electronics are WIFI capable.  A wireless network will allow you to use them to their full potential. Call Geek Brigade at 317-622-8602 today for a free consultation.

We are located at:
107 N SR 135, Ste 202
Greenwood, IN 46142
(317) 622-8602

Data Recovery

Geek Brigade does Data Recovery in our Greenwood, Indiana Computer Store

datarecoveryYou backed up your data, right? If not, we might be able to help.  We can often recover lost files resulting from hardware malfunctions, software conflicts, or viruses.  Your pictures, videos, and personal documents are priceless.  Let us implement a backup strategy that will give you piece of mind going forward.

Call us at 317-622-8602 today.

We are located at:
107 N SR 135, Ste 202
Greenwood, IN 46142
(317) 622-8602

Backup Implementation

backupGeek Brigade’s Managed Online Backup Service is an automatic, secure, off-premise backup service.  Rest easy knowing Geek Brigade is regularly monitoring the success of your local and offsite backups.  Our system can be configured to notify any or all of your staff, or ours, when a particular backup fails.

It’s not enough to just backup your data, can you RESTORE your data in the event of hardware failure, fire, theft or flood?  Geek Brigade has deployed dozens of file restoration using this robust system.


Up to 50GB – $29.99 Per Month
Up to 100GB – $59.99 Per Month
Up to 150GB – $94.99 Per Month
Up to 200GB – $125.99 Per Month
Up to 250GB – $139.99 Per Month
Up to 300GB – $167.99 Per Month

Over 300GB, call us!

Call us today at 317-622-8602 to discuss your options further.