Geek Brigade is now a Comcast / Xfinity Dealer

In an effort to continue to provide a diverse suite of technology services to our clients, Geek Brigade has partnered with Comcast / Xfinity to provide TV/Voice/Internet offers that aren’t available through national channels. If SPEED is as important to you as it is to us, you already know that Comcast is the fastest Internet provider by far. When ordering though Geek Brigade, you’ll get these perks not available otherwise:

  • Personal Support
  • No Contracts
  • No Installation Fee

For a limited time, Comcast is offering the Triple Play package for $99/month.  You’ll also receive a $250 rebate!  Contact us for more details.

The most important thing I ever did to increase my productivity

As a self-proclaimed “Geek”, I’ve tried just about every new gadget and service. To create more TIME for my family and my work, I’m on a never-ending quest for efficiency. Some technology costs too much and takes too long to setup, but the best bang I ever got for my buck was adding a second monitor.

Having a second monitor provides you with additional screen space, letting you view significantly more at once than with a single display. For example, let’s say that you are the office manager or bookkeeper for a company and often need to switch between a work order and Quickbooks. Having another monitor allows you to view both simultaneously and switch between them at a glance instead of having to move from one program to the other.

I’m always excited to get a new hardware upgrade or to discover a new technology service that makes life easier, but above all, this one took the cake! Next month we’ll talk about when I added a THIRD monitor!  (Just kidding. I did, but it’s not nearly as exciting as going from one monitor to two!)