How to find the best laptop repair company in Indianapolis

If your laptop has a broken screen or your laptop won’t boot you might be looking for a Indianapolis Laptop Repair company.  Make this decision carefully because there are many fly-by-night amateur technicians that can make matter worse!

A reputable laptop repair company like Mac Repairs will give a full diagnose, discuss the problem with you, and work together to develop an action plan to get you back in business as soon as possible.

If your laptop screen is broken, the shop will likely have to order a part and you’ll be without your laptop for 2-3 days.  Be sure you’ve transferred the files you’ll need in that time frame.

If your laptop won’t boot, it’s possible a good Indianapolis laptop repair company can have you back up and running in hours.  For an expert, blue screens and windows problems can be fixed rather easily.

Most importantly, pick an Indianapolis Laptop repair shop that is trustworthy.  Big box retailers often pursue profit before customer satisfaction and you might leave there with an empty wallet!  Keep your business with the local guy that has a passion for his work!

Have you considered trying to fix it yourself?  Don’t take apart your laptop!  Most laptops use dozens of different screw types.  Most do-it-yourselfers who take apart their laptop never get it back together!

How to find the best computer repair company in Indianapolis

If you are experiencing virus issues, blue screens, hard drive problems or other computer problems, you’re probably looking for a great Indianapolis Computer Repair company to help you.  You’re smart to carefully consider this decision, because trusted, certified computer repair technicians in Indianapolis can be hard to find.

Sometimes the solution to your file is simple.  Replacing power supplies, cables and peripherals can be quick and easy jobs and you’ll have your computer back in no time.  Problems that tend to take longer are motherboard.

Our cell phones are also becoming increasingly important and sometimes are the most used computer in the household!  If your iphone or android phone has a broken screen, you might find an Indianapolis Computer Repair shop will be able to help.

The most important factor to consider when selecting someone to repair your computer in Indianapolis is professionalism.  Select a Computer Repair Shop that is local and has a store front.  It’s important that you know who is working on your computer and where they are.

Another important factor in selecting someone to do your Computer Repair in Indianapolis is speed.  Some of the top computer franchise will keep your computer 2 weeks or more.  A good Indianapolis Computer Repair shop can turn it around in 2 days. They also offer services where the technicians will come to your home to get your computers fixed. Fix It Home Computer Repairs service is one of the best services offered by them and you can avail it at a discounted price.

What about fixing it yourself?  Many people like to tinker with computers before taking it to an Indianapolis Computer Repair shop but most of them do more harm than good!  If your computer is even the least bit important to you, put it in the hands of a certified Indianapolis computer repair shop.

Here Comes Windows 10 – Ten Things to Consider about Windows 10.

As you’ve probably heard, the big news in the tech world is the upcoming release of Windows 10. You may have seen the little icon in your system tray about it, and clicking on it brings up a box with more information. If you have done this, you may have noticed the part where Microsoft says ”free.” While this is definitely a welcome change, Microsoft has put out a lot of mixed messages about what that means and how the upgrade to Windows 10 will actually work. The best suggestion I can make is to wait for now. I do NOT recommend installing the minute your system says you can at the end of July. Here’s why:

  • Windows 10 is bound to be a tremendous improvement over 8. So much so that they decided to skip the “9” in the series! But it is so new techs have not really had a chance to test it much and discover all its idiosyncrasies. (Although there is one big one we know about that I will talk about in #7).
  • Backups are going to be very important. If there is any kind of problem with the upgrade, you’re going to need them. All your backups need to be checked and if you don’t have any at all yet, this summer is the perfect time to have us help you get those up and running.
  • I do not recommend upgrading to 10 the “easy” way. As a fellow tech said recently, “Windows is only as stable as the foundation it is built on. If your current Windows is not 100% clean and robust, the upgrade won’t be either.” The best bet is to have us install from scratch—that way you’re not bringing old problems with you.
  • If you still want to do the upgrade yourself, backups are going to be very, very important. In fact, I would advise a clone (image) of your hard drive be done first. That way you can revert to your old system if something goes wrong.
  • Once the upgrade is complete, you won’t be able to go back to your old Windows version. At least, not easily—you will need the clone mentioned above or the original OS discs for your system, plus any license keys it came with. Then all your software and data will have to be put back.
  • If you don’t have any recovery discs made, now is the time! These should be done whether you upgrade or not, because well, disasters happen. We will include this service free with any Windows 10 installation.
  • It will probably have a few bugs and some minor things that need tweaking. One of those things is a new feature Microsoft has included called “Wifi Sense.” Meant to be a convenience, it unfortunately shares your wifi password with all of your contacts by default unless you turn it off. (It is switched ON by default!). So, one of the first tweaks I would make is turning that little security hazard off.
  • Some features will be gone and/or different. A few things disappearing: Windows Media Center, desktop gadgets (good riddance I say!), and all floppy drive support. Solitaire will be gone as well but can be added back with the MS App store. New additions include the new web browser called Edge (instead of Internet Explorer), a new Start Menu, and Cortana—a digital assistant much like Apple’s Siri.
  • If you’re on the fence: if you have had any serious viruses or rootkit infections recently, and your system can handle the upgrade, I would recommend moving to Windows 10 with a reformat at some point (my preferred method, stated in #3). Not only will your system get a new lease on life with a new OS, but any hidden malware will go poof. It’s good for peace of mind.
  • Microsoft’s pricing scheme for Windows 10 is still unclear. Currently they are saying only the upgrade is free, and only for “the life of the device” (which is generally thought to be just two to four years in Microsoft-land). Otherwise, the prices will likely be about what they have been for Windows 8 ($120 for the Home version). There have also been rumors that users may have to pay to receive updates after within two years…but nobody really knows for sure. Unfortunately Microsoft is being deliberately vague so we are forced to sit and wait to see what will happen.

If you’d like assistance with backsups or a Windows 10 upgrade, reach out to us here.

Geek Brigade’s Jon Wright Interviewed about school district and laptop battery fires

Jon Wright was recently interviewed by Jessica Smith about Clark Pleasant’s laptop battery woes.

According to the Daily Journal, a Clark-Pleasant Intermediate school teacher heard a popping noise, turned around and saw a laptop was on fire.

No students were in the classroom, and the teacher grabbed a nearby sweatshirt and snuffed out the fire, Superintendent Patrick Spray said.

Tuesday’s fire was the second time this semester a Clark-Pleasant school laptop suddenly ignited. In August, a laptop at Clark Elementary School caught fire and started filling a classroom with smoke, which triggered the fire alarm and prompted an evacuation of the building.

Is Microsoft Security Essentials Enough – Apparently, Microsoft now thinks not

Microsoft has touted its Window’s Defender software and Security Essentials as all you need to protect your PC. Can you trust your computer to them? One of Microsoft’s Lead Project Managers recently admitted that their software is only a base level of protection, and suggested that a third party antivirus software should be used. Our “Managed Antivirus” software is your full service security solution that far exceeds all others.

One of the main short falls of other security software is protection on a person level. We at Geek Brigade review reports every morning of the previous night’s scans and updates to ensure the security of you PC.

If there is a threat, we receive immediate alerts, and can then assess the threat, and notify you of any required actions, or suggestions.

We have partnered with Vipre the leading computer security company to bring you timely, and most innovative virus definitions, and fixes. You can also check out our computer repair services at brisbane where we will fix your computers in no time.
To top it off our price is cheaper than most of our competitors.  Managed Antivirus is really the complete package antivirus solution. The trusted reliability of Vipre licensing, locally monitored threat detection and analysis by our technicians, and nightly updates all for a low one time charge is hard to come by. Contact us about Managed Antivirus today.

CryptoLocker virus is encrypting files and holding them for ransom

Viruses and malware are ever evolving every day. One of the nastiest to deal with is one called “CryptoLocker.” This villainous malware could cost you heavily. Have you taken the necessary precautions to combat against it?

When CryptoLocker infects your system it will hold all of your files for ransom, in some cases even files on a network drive, or external hard drive. (This means your attached backup drives!) The only way to break this encryption is to pay a hefty fee ransom. This ransom in some cases has been reported to be up to $300. Your options if your system becomes infected are to pay a criminal, trust they decrypt your files, and do not sell your credit card information, or live with the fact that your files are useless.

How can you prepare for such extortion? We would recommend two things. The first line of defense is always a great offense. In this case, the offense is our “Managed Antivirus” software. Managed Antivirus will catch malware before it can access or harm your system. The second recommendation is our “Managed Offsite Backup.” Our backup solution is a perfect plan B in the chance that anything happens to your system. Your files would be stored offsite and would not be accessible to any malicious attacks.

Think of all of this as insurance for the security of your computer system, and files. Is it worth the risk not to have protection? Malware and viruses come in many forms, and most people have no way of detecting them until it is too late. Our Managed Software can help prevent this from happening, and in the case that it has happened help you get back on track. Please contact us today for more information.

Lost in iOS 7

With Apple’s latest release of their famed mobile operating system, many users feel lost with the many changes made in the design of things. Some things appear to have moved, and some have completely vanished. We will help you navigate around this update, and make the change a breeze.

One of the biggest changes that users are having issues with are the new gestures integrated into the system.

Probably the most useful is the “Control Center.” This is accessible in any app and even the lock screen by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. The Control Center lets you turn on/off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, and Do not disturb settings at any time. It also lets you adjust brightness, adjust media settings (Play/Pause/Skip/Etc.), as well as connecting to “Airdrop/Airplay.” Arguably, the best feature of Control Center is its quick access to a new flashlight app, clock, calculator, and camera apps.

Notification Center is still accessible by swiping down from the top of the screen. There is a nifty new arrangement giving three tabs of today, all, and missed. Speaking of things missed you may miss the Weather being included in the Notifications Center. Do not worry though they have an updated and prettier looking weather app.

The most troubling change for most is that Spotlight (The search screen) the screen to the left of the home screen is missing. There is no need for panic simply swipe down from the center of the home screen to access the search function.

There are far too many more features, and changes in iOS 7 to mention in this article. That said if you have an issue, or question feel free to contact us. We would be glad to help.

Is Your Data Safe? Local Backups Are Not Enough

If your computer were destroyed today, would you be able to access your important files? If you backed files up to external storage, would you still be able to access them in the case of a fire, flood, or theft? External backup may not be the only solution for your irreplaceable data.

It is widely accepted that backup is an important factor to protecting the files on your computers. However, many are not aware that there is another crucial element. This element is cloud storage. Cloud storage is an off site backup, which protects in the instance that there would be an issue with accessing your files.

Why is an external backup not enough? People often have the device that they backup to either with them, or at their residence where if something catastrophic happened to that data chances are it would affect both the original data and the backup as well.

Geek Brigade Managed Backup is the solution for you. Our backup software takes up very little space on your system, and it will automatically backup your files to the cloud. It is a simple, affordable, and reliable solution for your backup needs. Make sure your data is safe, and get Geek Brigade Managed Backup today.


Comcast Business Class Email – Expired Security Certificate

Several customers who rely on Comcast Business Class email are reporting an outage. The problem appears to be an expired security certificate. Even though Comcast Business Class customers generally enjoy more responsive support than residential customers, this oversight makes clear to us that “Free” offering from Comcast has some hidden costs. (Downtime and Support Charges). We’ll be presenting Comcast Business Class email alternatives to our valued clients this week. It will make sense for some of them to settle for this level of service in exchange for low cost, but from the sounds of it, others will most certainly be jumping ship. Comcast, you’re on notice.

If you think “data backup” is synonymous with “disaster recovery” and aren’t sure what “business continuity” means, you’re not alone. Most of the business owners we talk to make the mistake of not
knowing the difference and end up paying the price when data is lost, a network goes down or a disaster prevents them from accessing their physical office and the server inside. First, data backup simply means a copy of your data is replicated to another device or location. Tape drives, offsite backup and even USB devices provide data backup. Data backup is obviously important.

However, the more important consideration is whether or not your backup solution provides easy disaster recovery, or the ability for you to recover all your files, software and functionality quickly, easily and without corruption. For example, if your server died, you wouldn’t be able to quickly get back to work if you only had file-level backup. In order for you to start working again, your server would need to be replaced, all software re-installed, data re-installed and then the whole system would need to be configured with your settings and preferences. This process could take hours or even days – and that’s if you have all your software licenses and a clean copy of your data.

Then there’s business continuity. This is the ability for your business to continue to operate even after a major disaster. For example, if you ran a law firm and your building burned to the
ground, you’d be out of business if all your files were on the server only. However, if you had your network in the cloud, your employees could continue to work from home or some other
location, giving your business continuity. Find out how to do it at: Of course, you need all three at some level. At a minimum you need to make sure you have in place the right backup and disaster recovery plan for your tolerance for downtime, and a plan for how your business could continue to operate if you could no longer access your building, server or data. You should review your plan annually. If you want a simple and easy way to get all of this handled, give us a call! We specialize in planning, implementing and managing these projects so you don’t have to. Here’s some more info.