Amazon launches new Kindle line – Will they take a bite out of Apple's pie?

Amazon has announced a new wave of Kindles. Along with the classic Kindle, there will be two versions of a touch kindle and a kindle fire–Amazons entry into the tablet market. Look out Apple! The Kindle touch will be available with either Wifi only, or with WiFi and free 3g service. There is a $50 difference in the price, so you decide, is free 3g anywhere you go worth $50? The major difference between the classic Kindle and the new Kindle touch, is just what you’d expect–you touch the screen to do everything. There is no longer a keyboard. I’m most excited about the Kindle Fire. Despite, it’s smaller size, absence of a camera, and limited (8gb) storage space, I’m clamoring for this $199 tablet, and here’s why: I like the fact it is smaller than the Ipad. Have you ever tried to read a book on your Ipad in bed? The Ipad is a little hard to hold up to read while laying on your back. I’m certainly not concerned about the lack of a camera. How many people actually use the camera? I know I don’t. If you have an original Ipad, you don’t have a camera on that either. As for storage, while 8gb might seem pretty low, keep in mind that with the Kindle Fire, you have access to the Amazon Cloud, where you can store all of your digital media that you purchase from Amazon for free. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $199? That’s less than half the price of an Ipad. So give me a tablet that is more portable, runs on Android, has the Amazon market place AND is cheaper than an Ipad. I can do without a camera and an Apple logo.

UPDATE: We received our Kindle Fire today. It’s easy to hold, and the price is right, but it’s best suited for reading books and playing angry-birds, in our opinion. We’re going to keep it here at the shop for the next 2 weeks, so stop by and take a look if you’d like to try it before you buy it!