5 Essential Tech Tips for Business Owners

Many business owners spend 100% of their time working “in” the business, rather than “on” the business. When you’re ready to take stock of some basic I.T. and E-Marketing principles, start with this checklist:

1. Claim your Google+ Local page.  Google is reporting that an ever increasing number of searches have “local intent”.  That means Google users are looking for what you’re selling. Start down the road of optimizing for search engines by claiming your page and filling out the profile.

2. Evaluate your online presence.  If your website wasn’t developed in the last 3 years, it’s probably not utilizing the latest “Web 2.0” technology and is not as effective as it could be.  Also, are you still using an @aol.com, @sbcglobal.net, or similar email address?  It’s too easy and cheap these days to convert that to @yourcompanyname.com without losing any of your old emails.  You’ll look more professional

3. Make security a priority.  Talk to your team about strong passwords.  Passwords should be long, contain upper and lower case letters and symbols.  Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.  If one account is compromised, hackers will add your password to their database and try it at other services.

4. Automate! Can appointment scheduling, invoicing, accounts receivable, or some other core function of your business be moved online or automated?  Free your staff up to help you build your business and look for ways to remove some of the repetitive, non revenue generating tasks.  (We can help).

5. Create a Disaster Recovery Plan.  Hint:  It starts with offsite backup.  Whether by hardware failure, theft or natural disaster, you will likely lose some data at some point.  If it’s important to you at all, it should be in 3 places.  One of those places should be in another city.

Hopefully this helps get you started.  If you need help executing any of these strategies in your business, contact us.