#1 Place to Catch a Virus? Facebook!

These days everyone is on Facebook, including hackers just waiting to infect your PC.  Facebook is great for catching up with old friends, sharing pictures of kids, vacation, etc , or just reading negative status updates from your “Debbie Downer” friends.

What most people don’t realize is that Facebook is one of the easiest ways to pick up a virus. The most common attack results from clicking on links your friend has shared with you.  Many times your friend hasnt shared a link with you at all, their profile has been hijacked. Once you click on the shared link, guess what?  They just got you too. I recommend not clicking on a link unless you are absolutely sure your friend actually posted it.

Last month a hoax article circulated claiming Lady Gaga had died. When users tried to access the information, the website attempted to install a virus to visitor’s computers. Many security analysts have publicly criticized Facebook’s slow response to these threats, “Facebook needs to work much harder to prevent attacks like this from reoccurring and spreading so rapidly,” said Graham Cluley from Sophos Security after the Lady Gaga incident.

The other way to become infected on Facebook is advertising. Hackers can “hijack” the ads. They looks normal to you, but when you click on the ad, instead of going to the website you wanted, you have just infected your pc with a virus.

Don’t let the threat of a virus keep you from enjoying Facebook, just follow these steps to help keep yourself safe:

  • Be sure a link a friend is sharing with you is legitimate. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they posted it
  • Be careful clicking on ads
  • Keep an updated antivirus program on your computer. While viruses can still find a way through your antivirus protection, not having it at all is just an invitation to infection.

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